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Rabbi Shalom, Zeldie, Esther and Pinchus Cunin

With great passion for Jewish education , our family moved to the Westwood - Holmby area of California to join the 200 Chabad centers in California, and 4,000 Chabad centers worldwide.

Chabad of Westwood—Holmby is a popular center for Jews of all backgrounds who want to learn more about their Jewish roots.  Chabad offers a wide variety of educational and spiritual opportunities, including Torah classes and lectures, Shabbat dinners, and an array of family and social activities. Traditional Jewish values are brought to life in a joyous, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Guided by the leadership, teachings, and inspirations of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Chabad Lubavitch has set the dictum of “Love you fellow as yourself” as the defining factor in its approach of unconditional acceptance of fellow Jewish people.

Chabad treasures the infinite value of every individual and is committed to enriching the lives of everyone through its multiple programs and services. Each individual is encouraged to appreciate the power of our heritage at their own comfortable pace.

Chabad serves all segments of the Jewish community. Everyone is welcome regardless of their personal level of religious observance.

Participants in our multitude of programs experience the joy and celebration, the intimacy and compassion, the wisdom and knowledge that is inherent in Jewish life and learning. Chabad will use whatever means necessary to bring the message of Torah true Judaism to the children, teens, adults and elderly of the community. Watch the excitement on the faces of the children who partake in our youth programs; ask the thousands who participate in our events, and you begin to feel an incredible sense of community.

To date, thousands of Jews from across the entire spectrum of Jewish observance have been touched by our many programs. We invite you to get involved and take part in our events, activities & classes for all ages! Our doors are always open, welcoming everyone to participate in all that we offer.

Our family looks forward to meeting you!